LOTTE Mart is carrying out a campaign called “Eco-green. I Act, You Too” with the desire to inspire customers to reduce the use of plastic bags and replace them with environmentally-friendly bags.

With a white and green background, Lotte Mart’s eco bags offer customers a greener and cleaner look.

The bag, which has capacity of up to seven kilogrammes for the small size and 15 kilogrammes for the large size, can be reused many times, and if used daily, its life span can last from six to eight months or even a year.

Kang Min Ho, general director of LOTTE Mart Vietnam, said: “LOTTE Mart will continue to implement environmental projects, especially calling on consumers to reduce the use of plastic bags and plastic-based products, to reduce the amount of plastic waste in Viet Nam.

“With the campaign ‘Eco-green, I Act, You Too’, we strive to gradually reduce the habit of using plastic bags, thereby reducing 20 per cent of plastic bags used in the system [during the campaign], and at the same time, target becoming the first supermarket in Viet Nam not to use plastic bags by 2025.”

The campaign began on April 22 and will end in December at 14 LOTTE Mart shopping centres and supermarkets nationwide.

Under the campaign, customers who buy an eco-bag will get 30 per cent of the bag value in loyalty points, and those customers who regularly use eco-bags to shop at LOTTE Mart store and buy at least VND300,000 (US$12.9) will get a 100g pack of dried sweet potatoes, among other promotions.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, HCM City and Ha Noi discharge about 80 tonnes of plastic and plastic bags a day.

If 10 per cent of plastic waste is not recycled, the amount of plastic discharged in the country will reach 2.5 million tonnes per year. — VNS

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