VinSmart Research and Manufacture JSC held a ceremony in Moscow on October 3 to launch its four latest smartphone products in the Russian market.

The products included Vsmart Bee, Vsmart Star, Vsmart Joy2 + and Vsmart Live, which all use the new version of the Android operating system.

TFN Trading is the official distributor for Vsmart smartphones in Russia with prices ranging from 5,000 rubles -17,000 rubles (US$75-260).

Speaking at this event, Sergey Sadkov, VinSmart’s Sales Director in Russia, said the Vsmart phones would sell in the Russian market because customers there were already aware of Vietnamese goods. Vsmart smartphones would also be competitive in Russia because the company has teamed up with Qualcomm, the world’s largest chip supplier. Vsmart phones are also covered by warranty for up to 18 months, longer than the normal 12 months.

Sadkov said the launch of Vsmart smartphones in Russia was just the beginning as the company planned to introduce high-tech devices and home appliances to users in Russia soon.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia Ngo Duc Manh told Vietnam News Agency he was proud a Vietnamese firm has introduced smartphones to the Russian market.

Russia is VinSmart’s third export market after the firm, a member of the VinGroup JSC (Viet Nam), launched in Spain and Myanmar.

VinSmart has signed strategic cooperation agreements with major partners around the world to perfect its technology, creating high quality products for users.

The introduction of Vietnamese smartphones to the European market shows Vingroup’s desire to bring Vietnamese brands to the world. — VNS

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